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Xtime 7 - User Details Screen


This article explains the different fields of the User Details screen in Xtime 7.



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  • Username - This is the username the user will use to log in to Xtime products.  There are no specific requirements for usernames.  However, some call centers, such as Travers Connect, want all of their usernames to follow a specific format.
  • First Name - User's first name.
  • Last Name - Users last name
  • Training Role - This is for Xtime University purposes.  Training material is allowed based on the user's role set here.  This should match the user's role and duties at the dealership/call center.
  • CC Code - Call Center Code.  This is used mainly by BDC's and Call Centers to identify the appointment taker of the appointment.  The CC Code would display next to the appointment on the ledger in Xtime Classic, but in Xtime 7, only the symbol "CC" on the Workbook.
  • Country - Country the user is located.
  • Email - The user's email address.  This is a required field in Xtime 7.
  • Work Phone - The user's work number.  This is not required and rarely entered.
  • Mobile Phone - The user's mobile number.  This is required for service advisors using the two-way texting.  
  • Can Campaign Tasks be Assigned - This is for campaigns in Xtime Classic.  This only needs to be set to "Yes" if the user will be working with the Campaigns feature.  You will know this because the admin at the dealership will request a campaign user role to be added to the user account.
  • Employee Number - This is the user's employee number as assigned in their DMS.  This is rarely used.
  • Inspect User - If the user is also set up in Inspect, and their account is linked to their Xtime account, this will show "Yes."
  • Over-write Advisor Number with User's Employee Number when Writing RO's - This should always be set to "No," except in rare cases.  If set to yes, the user's employee number will be sent to the DMS in place of the appointment's assigned advisor number.
  • Hide as a Reference for Inbound Calls - If set to "Yes," the user will not show in the Inbound sidebar in Xtime Classic.  This is currently only used with Xtime Classic.
  • Active - This should always be set to "Yes," unless an admin at the dealership is requesting to remove the user from the Xtime.




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