Configure - Adding and Editing Advisor Working Times

Adding and Editing Advisor Working Times


Appointments cannot be assigned to an advisor until they have a work schedule created for them.  This article discusses how to add/edit a work schedule for an advisor.



To add or edit Advisor working times (* = Required fields):

  1. Go to Configure > Resources > Advisors.
  2. Locate and click on the Advisor in question.
  3. Select the Hours tab.
  4. Click on Add.
  5. Enter or edit the Name for the Working Times (e.g., Weekdays, M-F, Saturdays).  Alternatively, you can leave the default name in this field.
  6. Edit the Weekly Days.  These are the working days this Advisor will be available for appointments.
  7. Edit the hours in the From and To drop-down lists. NOTE: This should be when you want the Advisor taking appointments, not necessarily their daily work schedule.
  8. Select Recurrence – Every Week or Every ___ weeks, starting the week of ____.
  9. Save changes.

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