ESM - Modifying Services - Op Code, Duration, Price

Modifying Services - Op Code, Duration, Price


This article discusses how to manage the three most common items of a service: price, shop duration, and op code.



If in Xtime Classic, click on the Services tab.


If in Schedule, go to Configure > Resources > Services, and click on Launch Service Manager.


  1. Search for the service to be modified by typing in its name or op code.  Note that some services can be listed more than once, such as Replace Engine Oil and Filter.  Be sure you are modifying the correct service.  If you are not sure, ask the dealer clarifying questions.


  1. Once you have located the service, update the field in question. 
    1. To update the price of a service, you will want to update under the column "Price."
    2. To update the duration of the service, you will want to modify under the "Shop Duration" column.
  2. After all changes have been made, click Save Changes.
  3. Repeat steps 2 & 3 for all services to be modified.


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