ESM - Creating a Dealer Recommended Package

ESM - Creating a Dealer Recommended Package


This article discusses how to create a Dealer Recommended Package.


To create a new Dealer Recommended Package:

  1. Go to Configure > Resources > Services.
  2. Click Launch Service Manager.
  3.  On the Manage Services screen, select the Manage Recommendations tab at the top of the screen.
  4. Click Create a New Recommendation button located at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Choose the Make from the drop-down menu for this new Dealer Recommended Package.
  6. Choose the Menu Type from the drop-down menu to be used.
  7. You can either "Choose Vehicles" or 'Use All Scheduled Vehicles."  Scheduled vehicles are those vehicles that are part of a factory package.  Select this option if creating a dealer recommendation that builds off of an existing factory package.
  8. Select the intervals that the dealer recommendation applies to.
    • You can select intervals from the Interval drop down
    • You can manually select the intervals by checking each box to apply the dealer recommendation.
  9. If you selected the option to "Choose Vehicles," you can choose to add this recommendation to vehicles of an existing dealer recommendation.
  10. If you selected "Choose Vehicles," you will now need to add vehicles, if you did not "Use vehicles from an existing recommendation."
    • Linked - Check this if you want the dealer recommendation to automatically add new year models.  You will also need to leave the Years > To field blank.  
    • Include - Any options selected under the Include tab will add vehicles that match the selections.
    • Exclude - Any vehicles that match the selections under the Exclude tab will not be added to the recommendation.

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  1. Select Search Vehicles.
  2. "Enter a name for this group of Vehicles" has to be completed.
  3. Select Next >.

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  1. Select the services you want to add to the recommendation.  
    • Show Dealer Recommended Services Only - This option will only show those services labeled as dealer services.
    • Show all Services - When this is selected factory and dealer services will show in the list.
    • Create a New Service - If the service you want to add does not exist, you can create it by selecting this option.
  2. Click on "Save Recommendation."  

2017-10-23 13_59_02-https___x10.xtime.com_panama_config_resources_flex_services.html_ZGVhbGVyQ29kZT1.png

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