ESM - Change Service Duration Tracking to Hours or Minutes

ESM – Change Service Duration Tracking to Hours or Minutes


This article covers how to change the Service Duration tracking from Hours to Minutes and vice versa.


The dealer has the option to track their service’s duration by hours or minutes and can change how it’s tracked from the Service Manager.


To change the duration tracking you would do the following

  • Click the Schedule button at the top left
  • Select Configure from the drop down menu
  • Click the Resources tab at the top
  • Select the Services tab on the left
  • Click Launch Service Manager
  • Select Manage Settings at the top right
  • Find the “Service Duration Display Units” field and select Minutes or Hours
  • Click Save


Once the setting is changed, any services that already had a duration will adjust automatically to the new setting (ex. 30 minutes will change to .5 hours or .5 hours will change to 30 minutes).

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