ESM - Adding Tax to Services

ESM - Adding Tax to Services


This article discusses how to add taxes to services performed in dealerships using Electronic Service Menus (ESM).


Taxes can be applied to parts, labor, and shop supplies.


To set up parts and labor to be taxed:

  1. Go to Configure > Resources > Services.
  2. Click Launch Service Manager.
  3. In the upper right corner of the screen, click on Manage Settings.
  4. Select the Sales Tax tab.
  5. In the Rate field, enter the tax percentage (usually state tax rate).
  6. To Apply to Parts and/or Labor, check their designated boxes.
  7. Save changes.



To apply sales tax to shop supplies:

  1. Select the Shop Supplies Service Charge.
  2. Check the box for Taxable Yes.
  3. Save changes.


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