ESM - Add a Service

Add a Service - ESM


This article discusses how to create a service in Xtime 7 using the Electronic Service Menu (ESM).


  1. Go to Configure > Resources > Services.
  2. Click Launch Service Manager.
  3. On the Manage Services screen, click the Create a New Service button.  The Add a Service window will open. Some tabs will be grayed out; these tabs will become unlocked once the information on the Service Detail tab has been saved.
  4. Enter a Name for the Service, choose a Make from the drop-down menu, and then click Save Changes.  The new Service appears highlighted in the list of Services.


  1. Enter the following information:
    • Internal Name - The Service’s name as displayed to the Service Manager.  NOTE: You cannot change the name of a Factory Required Service.
    • Name - The name as seen by dealership staff and by the customer on your Consumer Portal.
    • Abbreviation - The abbreviated name as displayed in the Workbook (e.g. BLUB or CEL).
    • Description - A description of the Service; this will be displayed on your Make Appointment screen and in your Consumer Portal (if enabled).
    • Opcode - Type the matching Op Code from the DMS for this service.  Note: Depending on the DMS certain special characters are not valid, eg. ! @ # $.
    • Shop Duration - The duration is shown in minutes or a percentage of an hour, depending on your preference (e.g., 30 minutes or .5 hours).
    • Make - Select the vehicle make to which this Service is assigned.
      Rank - Add a number in which the Service will be displayed. A rank of 1 puts the Service at the top of the list, while a rank of 50 puts the Service at the bottom of the list. Services with the same rank are displayed alphabetically. Services are displayed in rank order within Menu Packages and Individual Service lists. All unranked Services are listed alphabetically after anything ranked.
    • Kind - Select either Maintenance or Repair to identify the kind of Service.
    • Comments Required - Used for Repair Services only; check this box to require customers to enter a comment when selecting this Service.
    • Reservable by Dealer - Check this box to allow this Service to be reserved by dealership personnel for customers as an A la carte Service.
    • Total Price - This is the Service’s flat rate when it is bundled into a package.  This value takes precedence over prices generated using Parts, Duration, and Labor Rate.
    • Parts Price - The price of parts added to the Service price.
    • Labor Price - The price of labor added to the Service price.
    • Price Caption - Use this field to add an optional short comment about the price, which is visible from the i button for the service on the Make Appointment screen. Note: Does not display on Consumer Portal.
    • Allow Waiters - Check this box to allow customers to choose to wait for their vehicle when selecting this Service.
    • Allow Loaners - Check this box to allow customers to reserve a loaner vehicle when selecting this Service.
    • Reservable by Customer - Check this box to enable customers to book this Service as an A la carte Service.
    • Mandatory in Appointment - Include this Service in every appointment.
  2. Click on Save Changes.


Note:  The new Service will not be available for booking until you assign one or more vehicles to it.

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