ESM - Turning On/Off Pricing for Services

ESM - Turning On/Off Pricing for Services


This article discusses how to turn on and off pricing for dealerships using ESM (Electronic Service Menus).


  1. Go to Configure > Resources > Services.
  2. Click on Launch Service Manager.
  3. Click on Manage Settings.
  4. Select the Price Visibility tab.
  5. Check or Uncheck the boxes under one or all of the columns.  Check to display pricing.  
    • Consumer Scheduling - This controls the display of pricing in the Consumer and Mobile Portal.
    • Business Portal - This column can never be unchecked.  It controls the pricing in the Xtime Dealer Portal.
      • Note: In most cases this will be grayed out and not able to be turned off.
    • Maintenance Menus - This controls the display or pricing in the Online Maintenance Menu, and the reports linked to the OMM.
    • Service Tab - This determines whether pricing displays in the Check In application.
  6. Save changes.


Note:  Each make the dealership supports has the option to display pricing in each of the Xtime applications.  Each box has to be unchecked to remove pricing from the requested application.


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