ESM - Parts Pricing

ESM - Parts Pricing


This article discusses using Parts Pricing for dealerships using Electronic Service Menus (ESM).



Parts Pricing

Instead of setting a flat price point, dealerships can determine the price of a service or repair by adding the sum of parts and labor price.  The price for each part varies, and as such, the price must be set manually for each service. 


To set Parts Pricing:  

  1. Go to Configure > Resources > Services.
  2. Click on Launch Service Manager.
  3. Highlight the service in question.
  4. Click on Edit Service Details.
  5. Under the Service Details tab, set the Parts Price.
  6. Save Changes.


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In order for the price for a service to use Parts Pricing, the following needs to be verified.

  • The service cannot have the Total or A la Carte fields set.


Some other items to note when using Parts Pricing are as follows.  These are all found in the Manage Settings window. 

  • Shop Supply Service Charge - Under this tab, does the service department apply shop charges to Part? If so, then this will need to be set.
  • Sales Tax - Is the Rate set under this tab?  If so, does the dealership want this applied to Parts?


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