ESM - Labor Rate

ESM - Labor Rate


This article discusses using the Labor Rate for dealerships using Electronic Service Menus (ESM).


Labor Rate

The labor rate is the amount a service department charges per hour for performing services and/or repairs.


To set the Labor Rate:  

  1. Go to Configure > Resources > Services.
  2. Click on Launch Service Manager.
  3. Select Manage Settings in the top right corner of the screen.
  4. In the Manage Settings window, under the Defaults tab set the LaborRate.
  5. Save changes.


Some items to note when using Labor Rate are as follows.  These are all found in the ManageSettings window.

  • Service Duration Display Units - Minutes or Hours.  This is important to know before you start setting the Duration in appointments.  
    • Minutes - If set, you will want to use whole numbers when setting duration.
    • Hours - You will need to use decimals for any increments less than an hour.  Keep in mind, every tenth of an hour equals 6 minutes.  So, .2 = 12 minutes, .5 = 30 minutes, 1.7 = 1 hour and 42 minutes.
  • Shop Supply Service Charge - Under this tab, does the service department apply shop charges to Labor? If so, then this will need to be set.
  • Sales Tax - Is the Rate set under this tab?  If so, does the dealership want this applied to Labor?


2017-11-15 15_34_30-https___x10.xtime.com_panama_config_resources_flex_services.html_ZGVhbGVyQ29kZT1.png

2017-11-15 15_33_50-https___x10.xtime.com_panama_config_resources_flex_services.html_ZGVhbGVyQ29kZT1.png

2017-11-15 15_33_02-https___x10.xtime.com_panama_config_resources_flex_services.html_ZGVhbGVyQ29kZT1.png


In order for the price for a service to use Labor Rate, the following needs to be verified.

  1. The service cannot have the Total, A la Carte, or LaborPrice fields set.
  2. The Duration field has to have a time increment entered based on the Service Duration Display Units.


2017-11-15 15_38_42-https___x10.xtime.com_panama_config_resources_flex_services.html_ZGVhbGVyQ29kZT1.png

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