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Bulk Edit Services - ESM


This document outlines the steps to take when bulk editing services for a dealership that is still using Electronic Service Menus (ESM).



  1. Go to Configure > Resources > Services.
  2. Select Launch Service Manager.
  3. The Services page will open.  
  4. Select the services to be modified.  Either by holding the Ctrl Key and clicking on multiple items or by holding the Shift key to highlight multiple items.
  5. At the bottom of the Services page is the "Bulk Edit Services" button.  Clicking the arrow will give you three options.
    1. Bulk Update Attributes - allows you to modify the different attributes of the service, eg. price, Op Code, and duration.
    2. Bulk Update Vehicles - select this to update the vehicles that the service is assigned to.
    3. Bulk Update Inspection Labels - This option is used to assign a service to the inspection form in Engage.
  6. Clicking on "OK" after the changes have been made will save the changes.



Bulk Update Attributes



  • Remove Values - Selecting this for any field will remove the current value listed for the selected services.  The field will now be blank.
  • Op Code - Setting this value changes all selected services to the Op Code entered.
  • Abbreviation - Sets all services to the same abbreviation.  This is used with deep-linking.  When an appointment is scheduled through a deep-link, the abbreviation is sent to identify the service for the appointment.
  • Duration - This is the duration value used if the dealership is using labor hour pricing. 
  • Shop Duration - This is the amount of time that will be taken out of shop capacity if the dealership is tracking shop capacity by hours.
  • Parts Price - The parts price for the service will be set the same for all services.  This is only used if the dealership is breaking down their pricing in Xtime by parts and labor, instead of setting a total (inclusive) price for all services.
  • Labor Price - The amount charged for labor.  This is a static amount that overrides the labor amount that would be determined based on the "Duration" and labor rate set under "Manage Settings..."
  • Price - This is the total price that all services will be set to.  This price overrides parts and labor pricing.
  • A La Carte Price - This is the price of the service when selected outside of a mileage package.
  • Price Caption
  • Allow Waiters - All services selected will cause the service to allow waiters based on the rules set under Configure > Resources > Transportation > Waiter.  If "Remove Value" is selected, then none of the services modified will allow a waiter.
  • Allow Loaners - All modified services will allow a Loaner no matter of the rules set under Configure > Resources > Transportation > Loaner.  Selecting "Remove Value" for the modified services will force those services to only allow a loaner if the set rules are met.
  • Reservable by Customers - All services modified will show up for selection in the Consumer Portal.
  • Rank - All selected services will be set to the same Rank in the Consumer Portal and Scheduling 7.  This determines where the service will display in the list of services.  Rank 1 services will display at the top of the list, while rank 100 services will display towards the bottom.
  • Reservable by Dealer - All services selected will be available for selection in Scheduling 7.
  • Description - All services selected will share the same description.  this displays when booking the appointment.


Bulk Update Vehicles



  • None - All selected services will be unassigned from vehicles.  This means the service will not be available for scheduling a la carte.
  • Choose Vehicles - All selected services will only be assigned to those vehicles that meet set criteria you set.
  • All [MAKE] Vehicles - This will set all selected services to display for any vehicle that falls under the selected Make.
  • All Vehicles - "Any" services have the option to display under all vehicles when booking an appointment regardless of make.
  • Scheduled Vehicles - This selection sets all affected services to display only under vehicles that are still under a maintenance schedule with the dealership.  This selection is Make specific.
  • Unscheduled Vehicles - All services selected will only display under those vehicles that are not part of a maintenance schedule.  this is make specific and usually involves older model vehicles.
  • All Vehicles Except Supported Makes - This selection is only for the "Any" services.  All affected services will display only if the vehicle being scheduled is not a supported make and does not have a loaded catalog at the dealership.  

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